Prize Winners
  • NESY  Young Scientist Best Lecture Prize

     Max Burian, Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, TU Graz @ ELETTRA (AT):

    Dummy atom modelling of helical nanostructures from solution scattering data

  • NESY Young Scientist Best Poster Prize

    Klaus Wakonig, PSI Villingen (CH):

    X-ray Fourier ptychography


Program Overview


Monday the 6th, 11:00 - 16:00 :CERIC Satellite Event


NESY Winterschool & Symposium

Conference opening:Monday at 16:30
Conference closing: Friday at 13:30


  • Keynote lectures on Biological Systems from 20:00-21:00

  • Thematic Tutorials ? from Sources, via biology & soft materials to metals & semiconductors:
    Tue, Wed, Thur, Fr, 9:00-12:00

  • Invited and contributed scientific Talks from all NESY topics: 17:00-19:00, Mo - Thur

  • Posters and Drinks:  21:00 --


List of Invited Speakers


List of keynote speakers:

  • Peter Fratzl(MPIKG Potsdam)
  • Christoph Mueller-Dieckmann (ESRF)
  • Laura Spagnolo (Univ. Glasgow)

List of invited speakers:

  • N. Coquelle (ILL Grenoble)
  • Ana Diaz(PSI-SLS)
  • B. Demé (ILL Grenoble)
  • Karl Gruber (acib & KFU Graz)
  • Leonid Sazanov (IST Austria)
  • Christina Streli (ATI, TU Wien)
  • Miriam M. Unterlass (TU Wien)

List of tutorial speakers:

  • H. Amenitssch (TU Graz & ELETTRA)
  • K. Hradil(TU Wien)
  • R. Miletich-Pwaliczek (Univ. Wien)
  • T. Pavkov-Keller (acib & KFU Graz)
  • G. Pabst (KFU Graz)
  • H. Peterlik (Univ. Wien)
  • R. Resel (TU Graz)
  • A. Ney (JKU Linz)
  • G. Springholz (JKU Linz)